During Phase Two, PROJECT DESTINY opened a Women’s Center in Egypt.  The Center provides  a place for the women to receive
    training, get  information, and make their products.  Project  Destiny needs funds to keep the Center open,  pay the Center's staff, and
    provide for the needs of the women in Project Destiny.

    Project Destiny is looking for partners (individuals, churches, businesses, and other organizations)  who have a desire to help the
    Sudanese refugee  women and the disenfranchised Egyptian  women have a better quality of life.

    Donations may be made by:

    1.        Clicking on the “DONATE” button

    2.        Writing a check to Project Destiny and mailing it to:  Practical Living Institute;  P. O. Box 1110;  Lanham, MD 20703
    3.        Making automatic monthly donations through your bank, listing Project Destiny as the  payee.
Thank you for your support.  Project Destiny cannot be successful without support from individuals like you. Practical Living Institute is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit