There are tens of thousands of Sudanese refugees in Egypt.  Most of them are seeking refuge from ongoing military conflicts in their
    home country of Sudan. Their official status as refugees is highly disputed, and they have been subjected to racial discrimination and
    police violence. They live among a much larger population of Sudanese migrants in Egypt, estimated to be more than two million. It is
    believed that many more of these migrants are in fact refugees, but see little benefit in seeking recognition.

    Unemployment, insufficient education opportunities, limited access to health care, high housing costs and integration difficulties are some
    of the biggest challenges faced by refugees. The majority of Sudanese refugees live in a tiny room housing 7 or 8 people.  They arrive
    with what little they can carry and are forced to live well below the poverty line.

    The Sudanese are the largest refugee group in Egypt. They make up 73% of asylum seekers in Egypt. Sudanese refugees consist of
    different ethnic groups and speak different languages.  Although Egypt kindly opens its borders for the Sudanese to enter, it is unable to
    provide financial assistance to the refugees due to its own rapidly growing population. Therefore, the Sudanese refugees have no access
    to housing, education, or health care.